Hiring Interior Design Expert Saves Time and Money

  • Avoid costly building and decoration errors. If you let us help you plan your project, chances are it will be a success. Our experienced designers can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by getting it right the first time.
  • Save money by shopping with the experts. Our designers get massive discounts at trade-only boutiques that would never sell to you directly. It also helps that we know each and every interesting showpiece in the entire GTA.
  • Protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors. Unlicensed and unqualified contractors can turn your dream project into a nightmare. We pre-quality the people working on your property and maintain their budgets and schedules for you.
  • Make educated design decisions, every time. We don’t try to do your job, why are you trying to do ours? Our designers have years of experience in interpreting your wishes and creating your ideal space. Trust us, instead of the sales clerk.
  • Stay on time and within budget, period. We help you manage your shopping budget and your contractor schedules to help you stay within your financial and emotional comfort zone by giving you our opinion when you need it most.

Virez Home Interiors creates beautiful spaces for businesses and homeowners.

  • Commercial design projects
    Let your business goals drive our design strategy. We understand that every inch counts, and can create beautiful spaces which satisfy stakeholders and drive sales.
  • License and permit applications
    Do you have your hands full? Delegate the required paperwork to our experts and let us work it out for you. Licensing, permits and architectural drawings are our specialty.
  • Long-term project management
    We can conduct feasibility studies, help co-ordinate contractor efforts, balance your budget and manage procurement — remotely or on-site, but always accountable.
  • Selection of colours and finishes
    Not sure what to choose? We can help you choose the perfect combination of tones and textures and make your place come to life with a vibe of its own!
  • Home construction and design
    Take your custom dream home from concept to reality. If you know what you want, let us give you a second opinion, or take a vacation and let us manage your project for you.
  • Condo interiors decoration
    Do you want your condo to look just perfect? We can give you access to some of Toronto’s most unique and stylish designer-only boutiques, at department store prices!
Why you should hire interior designer