With any home, there is always going to be something in it that you just do not like the look of. Maybe it simply doesn’t match your style, or maybe it’s an obvious eyesore. Either way, there are loads of creative ways that you can keep these essentials around so that they can fulfill their intended role while also hiding them in plain sight. Here are some of our favorites.

hideHide the Electronics

Big screen TVs are great but when they’re not in use, look like giant monolithic slabs. A great way to hide these tvs when they’re not being used is to try to position them in indented walls specifically for tvs that mount on the wall, and then box them in with closing doors on either side.

Additionally, many houses will now have high speed modems for their homes internet connection. These are usually installed in a central part of the house to help ensure the quality of the signal is strong in all parts of the house. This means that they’re usually position right where everyone can see them. A great idea is to use the front and back of an old hardcover book and place the modem inside, Simply tear the front and rear covers from their bindings keeping the pages of the book together so that all you’re left with is the front, back and spine still attached without any pages on the inside. Place the modem inside, place on a shelf. Now it looks like you have an old looking book sitting on the shelf waiting to be read instead of the modem.

Hot Water Eyesores

There are very few homes that will not have a water tank diligently warming your water so that you can enjoy nice hot showers or wash your dishes. The problem with these required appliances is that they’re big, bland and ugly. They’re typically found in the basement, but can also be found in closets meant for clothes or storage, in the kitchen, in mudrooms, or otherwise in obvious and not very handy places. So what can you do to pretty these up? As it turns out, plenty!

One of the first ideas that come to mind are bi-fold doors. These easy to install and manipulate doors come in many different styles and colors and do a great job of hiding your water heater.You also don’t necessarily need to purchase bi-fold doors – often times some well preserved wood planks from rustic looking fences fashioned into makeshift walls will do the trick too. You can also get even more creative and build compartments specifically to hide the water heater in. Some people go so far as to create sliding panels that also act as book shelves – when access to the water heater is needed, they simply slide it out of the way!

Modernize Kitchen Appliances Easily

Styles change over the years, and what was once fashionable and in can these days seem outdated. Take for example black refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers. Only a short time ago, they were the latest and greatest, and now, not so much. Why not affix a sheet of stainless steel across the front? You can buy thin sheets of thin stainless steel or large sheets of stainless steel covers that adhere to your otherwise old looking appliances. Using these, you can quickly and easily update the look of your entire kitchen.

Other Items You May Wish to Hide

The items mentioned so far tend to be big and bulky but need to be where they are as they’re required for most modern homes. There are also a lot of smaller things you may want to hide however, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Switches, thermostats and outlets: There can sometimes be found on the wall in what seems to be the most random places—why not create a frame for them, or surround them with other pictures or artwork to create a collage of tastefully chosen pieces to help them blend in?
  • Cables and wires: These can make a room look cluttered and disorganized quick. Use twist ties or electrical tape to keep wires bunched together or conceal them in crown molding. Try to use nooks and crannies to hide them or affix them to the back or underside of tables or cabinets they’re sitting on.
  • Hide textured ceilings: rather than try to chip away at these, why not cover them up with some nice white wood planks? A little cutting and measuring, with a nail gun will make quick work of what’s commonly known as popcorn ceiling.

Use the internet to find creative and fashionable ways to conceal your home’s biggest eyesores. We still need (most) of these things, or sometimes we don’t have a choice but to keep them where they are, so why not use that opportunity to create something that fits your style and looks great while also hiding that awkward appliance or eyesore!

8 Sly Ways to Hide Household Eyesores
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